Sam Parnell – “Search and Social Media Marketing”

Workshop – Search and Social Media Marketing

Understanding the digital landscape can be difficult for non techs which is why Sam Parnell from award winning digital agency Measured Brilliance started her educational community, SIMS. She specialises in teaching digital skills to small business. Sam will explain the difference between SEO and social media and how each can be used to help you grow your online audience or real life footfall. Sam workshop will cover: What is SEO and you should care about it? Effective tips to use Social Media. How to not waste your time, make sure you focus on what works.

Meet Sam:

Sam has a successful history in technical sales and marketing working for growing SMEs. She specialises in training small businesses to understand the digital landscape and how they can use technical tools to grow. Her catchphrase is ‘Teaching non technical people, technical things’. Sam leads a successful community of digital novices and organises events and speakers dedicated to delivering talks in normal language to East Anglia’s huge communities of non technicals business owners as well as technical beginners who are hungry to know more.