Anne Gould – “Business Video and the Smartphone Solution”

According to Cisco, global traffic from video will take up 80 per cent of the internet by 2019 and did you know putting a video on a landing page will increase conversion rates by 80 per cent? and four times as many people would like to watch a video about a product than read about it?
The message for business is that video is here to stay and we are not just talking one video on the home page of your website, we are talking videos on every page, on social media and Livestreaming too. 
This means that unless you have deep pockets and a large marketing budget to employ high end video production companies on a weekly basis or staff in-house videographers you are going to need to learn how to create your own video on your smartphone.
Professional quality video is possible on a phone – Bentley used it for one of its advertising campaigns and iPhones have been used to shoot Oscar-nominated films too.
But as we all know there’s video and video and if you are in business it’s essential that your video reflects your brand, your reputation and conveys the right message.
This workshop will show you how you can do that.

Background on Anne:
Anne Gould is a writer, a video journalist and magazine editor with a long career in regional newspapers and magazines,who is passionate about telling stories. 
“Writing has always been my communication tool of choice but after decades of interviewing people, writing features and even books I realised that you can’t always paint the whole picture with words.” 
Four years ago she retrained with the world’s leading video journalist and since then has developed Smartphone Video for Business workshops teaching communications/PR teams at Greater Anglia, Essex County Council, Ipswich Hospital and a whole range of small businesses too.
“Video is not just about the technical skills, it’s also about telling story as well and although you don’t need to be a wordsmith writing is a key part of the process too.”