SCB is proud to announce the date for our first training workshop of the season: The SMART approach to event management! 2nd November, 9.30am – 12pm at The Long Shop Museum, Leiston. This is the first workshop in a two part training course in collaboration with University of Suffolk (University Campus Suffolk). Spaces are limited.…/the-smart-approach-to-event-manage…

One workshop is £15 per person, if you book for Workshop 1 you will be eligible to receive Workshop 2 for £5. Once we’ve received your booking for Workshop 1 we will send you a code allowing you to book Workshop 2 at the reduced rate.

At the end of this first workshop, delegates will have learnt about:

  • Feasibility analysis of an event – the SWOT and PEST & the who, what, why, when, how & where
  • Simple budgeting
  • Event Marketing
  • The ticked off list – the event plan checklist
The second interactive workshop, Event Safety – the Purple Guide: what may trip you up and contingency planning, will take place on 30th November, 9.30am – 12pm at The Long Shop Museum and will cover:
  • Event Safety Plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Contingency planning

Suffolk Coast Business is a not-for-profit organisation.

General Admission

GBP 15.00 + GBP 0.75 fee

You may also be charged a transaction fee at a rate determined by your card type

The SMART approach to Event Management A comprehensive interactive workshop delivered by University…