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An overview of grants available in Norfolk and Suffolk provided by Anglia Growth Hub. While this is not an exhaustive list it features some of the great opportunities available. Definitely worth checking out.

Growing Business Fund grants of up to £500,000 for companies that are expanding and creating jobs.

BEE Anglia (Business Energy Efficiency) provides grants of up to £20,000 at an average of 28% intervention rate to implement next-phase technology to reduce carbon emissions or save costs.

The Employer Training Incentive Pilot (ETIP) provides a 25% return against cash paid for additional training to a maximum grant of £1,000 per learner.

Agri-Tech grants supports the development of new and innovative ideas in the agricultural sector and the wider supply chain industries.

LEADER programme provides funding for rural businesses in parts of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Signpost 2 Grants offers grants of up to £20,000 to support capital investment projects for businesses in King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath.

*not an exhaustive list