Business Associations, their stake holders and individual businesses are invited to a free summit to have their say on the vital support that they need in order to sustain an effective association and maintain vibrant towns and communities on the Suffolk coast.

The Suffolk Coast Business Association Summit takes place on Tuesday 6th June, 6pm – 7pm at The Bell in Saxmundham. Anyone wishing to attend should email Alyson Tipping on

The Summit was called following a recent major survey undertaken by Suffolk Coast Business (SCB), of businesses on the Suffolk coast, revealing the important role that specific locality based business associations fulfil and the reliance that many small businesses have on them. But without key people to drive them forward, the associations risk being outdated and ineffective when it comes to supporting members and growing the local economy.

SCB supports several business associations located in Suffolk Coastal District and has witnessed first-hand the struggle that many of them have to; recruit good volunteers to take up key roles within each association, organise and deliver events, co-ordinate networking and up-skill business owners and their staff. Quite often, the associations are also expected to be promoting the town, marketing their members, working with the community and attracting new business to the area. This can be a tall order for volunteers who are usually trying to run their own businesses at the same time.

The summit hopes to address all these issues and gather feedback from everyone concerned so that proper support can be delivered where, when and how it is needed.

Click the link to view the agenda: SCBA summit